Rebekka Batten

I am passionate about helping people achieve optimal health, whilst having fun, pushing personal boundaries, unleashing inner strength and taking home an education for life!

Exclusive to Active Life Fitness!
- Diploma of Fitness
- Accredited Certificate of Nutrition
- PICP Coach Level 2 (Assessing Structural Balance of the Upper & Lower Body)
- Poliquin Bio Signature Modulation Practitioner (12 site skin fold measurements)
- Diploma of Fitness Business Management
- Powerlifting Coaching Level 1
- Currently a student of ISSN – Sports Nutritionist
- Registered with Recomp Australia
- Applied First Aid
- Blue Card
- Over 9 years in the Fitness industry

Continued Education completed in 2017/18:
- Precision Nutrition Coaching Level 1
- Muscle Nerds Education - Program Design
- Muscle Nerds Education - Foundations Course
(Digestion, Thyroid, Stress & Insulin Physiology, Bioenergetics and Metabolic Syndrome)
- Current student of the International Society of Sports Nutrition – Sports Nutritionist

Courses completed in 2016/17:
- Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Re-certification
- Clean Health Fitness Institute & Rachel Guy – How To Train The Female Client
- Clean Health Fitness Institute - Fat Loss Bootcamp
- Australian Strength Coach - Strength System Seminar
Using a holistic approach to health, I provide completely customized resistance and conditioning programming, as well as nutrition planning, using tried and tested methods. The plan will be detailed and structured to suit you – nothing is cookie cutter - you are an individual and need a tailored service!

Movement: We will start with a structural assessment, as your gym programs are always designed with what YOU need and WANT. I use a lot of different tools here! Resistance training, cardio and metabolic conditioning, mobility work, yoga, gymnastics and calisthenics can be included (but not necessarily all at once!). You are taught about technique, posture and breathing, so you can train solo as well as supported!

Food: You are unique and so is the way you eat. There are many, many factors that affect how your meal plan is designed. We talk about your habits, your digestion, your stress levels, your sleep patterns and your mindset. I believe that teaching you how to eat for your individual needs and focusing on behavioural change, is of the highest priority. For fat loss, muscle gain, for better energy and sleep – food is top dog!

Mindset: Your thoughts and behaviours have a massive impact on how you feel, how you function and the result you get in the gym. Changing your body must include improving your mindset to shift from anxiety and overwhelm, perfectionism and guilt, and overcoming these fears. On the other side of this is a positive shift to a happy and fulfilled life!

I look forward to working with you! We can do this one on one, or in a small group! Expect incredible support, an education and loads of fun along the way.
Favourite Workout
Anything that involves a barbell!
Role At Active Life
Personal Trainer
Contact Details
Rebekka Batten
Elite Health & Training
p: 0405 493 663

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