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Please fill in the form below. Minimum period for suspension is 2 weeks.

Please note:

  • 1 Month Membership can have 2 weeks suspension
  • 12 Week Membership can have 6 weeks suspension
  • 6 Month Membership can have 3 months suspension
  • 12 Month Membership can have 6 months suspension

For memberships that have been paid up front the suspension fee may be paid before you leave or within 2 weeks of returning from suspension. If the suspension fee is not paid within 2 weeks of returning from suspension the suspension will not be processed.

If you have already exceeded your suspension length within the calender year then your suspension will not be approved. Your suspension will be confirmed via email.

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I am currently on a direct debit membership therefore my payments will be $1.25 per week plus a $5 activation fee taken from my normal due debit dates. Please note: Your regular debits will commence again after your suspension period. If you need to suspend your membership for longer or would like to come back to the gym earlier, please advise Active Life Fitness as soon as possible so they can adjust your suspension before payment comes out.I am currently on an upfront payment membership therefore my suspension fees will be $1.25 per week plus a $5 activation fee which is to be paid before or on return from leave

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