Foam Rolling Benefits and Reasons to Start Doing It!

Foam rolling is a type of self-myofascial release (SMR) that focuses on connective tissue called fascia. Muscles in our bodies are surrounded and connected by fascia. Intense workouts, poor posture, stress, repetitive motions and lifestyle factors can cause fascia to become tight and rigid, restricting movements and causing discomfort.

Conventional stretching on its own cannot always release tight fascia. To release the tight muscles and surrounding fascia, pressure from massage or tools like a foam roller are required. Unfortunately, getting a massage to relieve tight muscles and pain after every workout is not in most people’s time or budget range. Enter the foam roller. An inexpensive and portable piece of equipment that it a staple in almost all fitness facilities these days. Rolling yourself on a foam roller can be an affordable alternative to massage therapy. A one-off cost of $50 – $100 can deliver many benefits that a therapeutic massage can without the ongoing costs. Plus, you can foam roll yourself anywhere and anytime!

If you are a regular exerciser, then a foam roller is something you should really look at investing in. Here are five reasons why you should start foam rolling:

5 Reasons to Start Foam Rolling Now!

Discomfort and sore muscles for days after exercise is not an enjoyable experience and can limit your exercise and disrupt your routine for the next couple of days. For most people foam rolling, like stretching, is one of those things you have every intention of doing after your workout or when you get home but never seem to get around to doing. While it is important to work hard in your workouts to gain results, it is equally important to make sure you look after your muscles and body by adequately warming up before exercise and doing a proper cool down to help your body and muscles recover.


–        DON’T roll over any bones or joints.

–        DON’T roll your lower back.

–        DO expect a little bit of pain. Just as you expect from a professional sports massage, foam rolling will hurt a little bit. The pain you feel should be uncomfortable but tolerable. The pain should never be unbearable and sharp, if it is then stop.

–        DON’T roll to the point of excessive soreness, this can lead to further damage to the body part you are applying too much pressure to.

–        DO roll slowly – slow and steady wins the race! Don’t roll in a quick motion back and forth.

–        DO speak to a professional if you have any injuries or concerns before foam rolling.



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