What Is Resistance Training and Why Should You Be Doing It?

Low bone density is not something you think twice about in your 20 or 30’s. It’s later in life when a broken bone or fracture robs you of your independence that the issue really starts to hit home.

Having low bone density is not something that happens when you suddenly turn 60. It gradually happens over years and even decades but looking after your bones throughout your entire life can make a big difference for you later down the track.

Drinking calcium, although is very important for bone strength, is not enough to keep your bones strong and healthy. Exercise is an important factor to remember too. Moving our bodies exerts forces on our bones that make them grow strong. However, not all forms of exercise are equal in building bone density, there are certain exercises that work better than others to make our bones strong. One type of exercise is resistance training or weight training.

Not only can resistance training increase bone density but it also has many other positive effects. Resistance training also helps to build muscle mass which will help to improve and maintain a person’s balance and coordination which can decrease the risk of a fall and broken bones.

Besides physical benefits, resistance training can improve mental and emotional health and well-being. Check out the below infographic of some of the health benefits of resistance training.

Some of the Health Benefits of Resistance Training

If you haven’t done any resistance training before its best to seek the help of a Personal Trainer that can assist you. At Active Life Fitness we also offer several classes that are resistance training based such as BodyPump, Strength & Mobility and Body Blast.

For those not able to participate in high impact classes, our Aqua FIT and Strong and Steady classes are low impact and great for those who are elderly, are new to resistance training or exercise altogether or do not have the stamina for high impact classes. Classes are a great way to learn, have fun and meet like-minded people on a similar journey! To check out when our next resistance based class is on check out our group fitness timetable here.

So come experience and feel the benefits of weight training for yourself at Active Life Fitness.

For more information on resistance training for strong and healthy bones Osteoporosis Australia provides an exercise consumer guide at the following link https://bit.ly/2Gtu2dx.

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